Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Thing 5 - Reflective practice

I read quite a few other posts on this subject before tackling it myself and quickly realised one thing: no-one seems particularly comfortable with reflective practice! However, many look to have had some experience of this during past studies but it's a first for me. I am therefore using the CPD23 template to organise my thoughts.

What did you learn?

So much! I admit to being one of those people who puts their eyes down to a task and just gets on with it. The downside to this of course is that one can become somewhat blinkered and end up shying away from new challenges in an effort to simply get the job done. Therefore [I am rather ashamed to say] Blogging, Twitter, RSS and Pushnote were sadly neglected areas - I knew of them but I hadn't actually tried any of them out. I’m happy to report that's all changed now thanks to CPD23!

What did you enjoy?

I enjoyed creating/maintaining my blog and experiencing a real sense of achievement publishing posts and reading/learning from those comments others are kind enough to send. I had been thinking about creating a blog for ages and now I’ve finally done it I’m just infuriated with myself for taking so long.  I’m also enjoying getting to know other like minded people, we all have so much in common [!] and there’s a real sense of camaraderie.

What worked well?

Taking time to embrace the new and thoroughly enjoying it has been a revelation since I generally put such things on a back burner until I have some spare time which we all know is lethal.

What, if anything, went wrong?

The big problem for me has been falling behind. I took two weeks annual leave in July and have found it very difficult finding the time to catch up. I didn’t realise this course would take quite so many man hours! It’s a double edged sword – when I do manage to put the hours in I enjoy every minute BUT finding the time to put those hours in is proving troublesome [and that’s putting it mildly L].

What would you change?

Well, there is one little thing …

Now whereas I’m sure that the majority are more than happy with the CPD23 timetable, for me it’s a little “full on” – I could do with having two weeks to complete each thing rather than one. 

What (potential) impact could this have in your workplace?

The sky is [as they say] the limit!

In conclusion

I rushed this post [a little] but have hopefully been clear about how positive my experience has been so far – I’m so glad I signed up J 

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