Friday, 27 September 2013

Squirrels' Grand Tour [being the travels of Lady Red and Lord Grey]

Experiencing the impressive grandeur of the towering folio shelves
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, two of the cutest little squirrels of my acquaintance.
I recently moved house and have been going through old boxes that were packed years and years ago when I first left home. These two were nestled deep inside a box of old toys and seeing them again took me back to my pretty little childhood bedroom with a special shelf on which I used to display all of my most beloved creatures. These included peg dolls, bean-bag babies [the ones that came in match box beds], mini china animals and an assortment of tiny plastic figurines that probably came out of Christmas crackers. I also had a Pippa doll who [even though tiny and svelte] was bigger than all the characters so I pretended she was a friendly giantess and her pet serpent was a Squirble [those little feathery snakes on invisible wire / early1970s]. I arranged the shelf into a village street with shops and houses and at one end I constructed a wall [made from mini bars of Bronnley soap if I remember correctly] and on the other side of the wall was a palace. Here lived a little white bear King and a peg doll Queen who sat upon thrones made of bath cubes [Bronnley again of course] and  were attended by loyal [yet excitable] pencil top vegetable squires. 
Gazing out upon the wonder that is the West Wing Library
I intend to photograph this pair again as both pictures are a little fuzzy close up, so watch this space...