Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Thing 3 - Personal branding

I find the whole idea of personal branding a totally alien concept as it is not something I have ever considered before. My first thoughts are of someone looking at my blog titled ‘Squirrel Library’ alongside cutesy picture of a noble grey as my profile picture and thinking that here is someone hardly taking this exercise seriously. However, first impressions can be deceptive! A squirrel is an industrious creature, always on the go and looking ahead storing away precious commodities [nuts in their case] for future use. Sounds familiar? Squirrels are all about forward thinking and essentially working in tune with nature by taking what they need whilst it is available so they will have access to it during that time when it is not. Isn’t this what Librarians do, preserving and recycling precious data for future use [and generations]?

Therefore the squirrel motif stays J

I looked myself up on the internet as suggested for cpd23 Thing 3 and not surprisingly there are lots of Jennifer Evans’ – the three foremost being an American actress who starred in the delightfully sounding ‘Evil Aliens’, a young contemporary artist based in South East England and an epidemiology consultant at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. This particular Jennifer Evans however, did not appear. Only when searching with Jennifer Evans Library National Museum, did my contact details appear on my employer’s website; so I am there but securely hidden away from all but those who know me well.

I have enjoyed Thing 3 [even though thinking about how other people see me is a rather unsettling concept] and I will now give some serious thought as to how I can create an online persona that I am comfortable with.

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