Sunday, 31 January 2016

Squirrels on parade!

Ladies and gentlemen, apologies for the disgraceful lack of posts during 2015 but like all good squirrels, I felt the need to curl myself up into a little furry ball and sleep the year away.
And boy oh boy do I feel all the better for it :)
So without further ado, enjoy this veritable feast of beautiful squirrel images by artists old and new...

Kelly Vivanco
Anne Patzke

Emily Martin

Vintage Russian postcard

Ray Shuell

Arthur Rackham

Margaret W. Tarrant

Gustaf Tenggren

Yuri Vasnetsov

Chiaki Okada

Brian Wildsmith

Sophie Corrigan

Beatrix Potter

Celestino Piatti

David Gothard

Vintage book cover

Lady Red & Lord Grey on Riverside Books
By Mayfifth1935 Designs

Lady Red & Lord Grey on a Squirrel's Grand Tour
Also by Mayfifth1935 Designs