Monday, 16 January 2012

Thing 17: Presenting information [Prezi and Slideshare]

I have being doing my job for quite some time now and [believe it not] so far have never needed to put together the kind of  presentation that would warrant a Powerpoint or Prezi. However, there's a very good chance I may well be called to do something like this in the not too distant future so let’s have a look… 

Okay so I know I’m a bit behind the times but the first "Prezis" I’ve ever seen were at the CLIC Social Media in Libraries event back in November [Kristine at Taken for binding wrote a post about it here] and in my opinion one of the best was given by Karen Pearce at Dark side of the catalogue and it was most impressive.

According the website, Prezi is different because [unlike Powerpoint] you can move all your images around and zoom them in an out and insert all manner of exciting media and Karen’s certainly did do all of these things and it does make a big difference from watching a more static presentation. I’ve been checking on other blogs and most people that have created Prezis say it’s a real fiddly business and takes a bit of getting used to and I have had a play about with it and absolutely agree though I do relish getting to grips with it and if I did need to put together a presentation I would definitely use it. I need to crack on so will [at some point] have a good old play around with it but for now I will end with Helen Murphy’s wonderful spiralling ode to the joys of Prezi here at Library wanderer even though she warns against using it just because you can and just because it’s new thing because then it will become very passé very quickly although I’m not sure how you can stop that happening – such is life surely?

You wouldn't think it but I've actually taken weeks getting this Prezi post done so after a scandalously brief glance at the wonder that is Slideshare I give you Katie Birkwood’s [Girl in the moon] very informative Slideshare post J

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