Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas in the Library

Our Christmas wreath [bought by the Librarian last year], a festive beacon to welcome our hoards of weary researchers

My Santa has indulged in a little too much festive cheer over the years going by his glassy eyes and matted beard but I still love him. No-one else likes him though and say that his eyes follow them around [I don't know what they mean].

The Library on a late December afternoon tastefully adorned with tinsle and baubles.
Nicely understated compared to some of the other departments!

A new addition this year [again from the Librarian], a beautiful cardboard tree with coloured bells from John Lewis.  To those of a certain age, somewhat reminicent to the trees on The Magic Roundabout and The Singing Ringing Tree :-)

And finally, our snow menagerie [Kristine's owl, my squirrel and the Librarian's penguin].
I'd so like to tell you they all get on but...!

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